The World Wide Web 2.0: Are You the Spider Or the Fly?

Do you remember a while back when someone had a computer, it was like they were aliens or something with this out of space technology; or even when computers took up whole room. It’s crazy because they couldn’t do a quarter of what a laptop can do today. Anyways, Over the past 10 years we’ve sat and watched computers go from something that only schools, the government and the wealthy had access to, to the massive electronic brains packed in an half an inch thick frame. With all that said, who would have ever thought 15 years ago when the internet was a black screen with green words, that we would be where we are today.

The world wide web in all it’s glory, is the single most powerful thing provided by access to a computer. You can do almost anything now; from paying your bills, ordering take out and even hiring a professional hit-man. Okay; I don’t know about the hit man but I’m sure it’s been thought of. Anyways, many people just use the internet as an escape from their reality. Someone could be the loneliness person on the planet but as long as they have their 10,000 total followers and friends on Facebook (who they’ll probably never meet), their happy. Straight home from work; log onto Facebook. On the way to work; Twitter. In the shower; Also twittering. Don’t act like you never tweeted in the shower. LOL.

So with all this power, I ask: Why are millions of people playing the fly in the world wide web? It’s either that they don’t know due to lack of knowledge, don’t care due to lack of focus and/or their standing at the door wanting to come in but they just can’t find the right key. Every single site that is logged into and I mean every single site, someone is making money from online traffic. Whether it be the person who owns the site or the company hosting the site. Everybody’s making money but the millions of people who don’t know that Tom of MySpace is a millionaire because of them. I’ve heard that he didn’t own MySpace and he was just the face of MySpace but it was sold in 2005 for $580 million dollars. So whoever owned it is… Not sitting back relaxing like you were probably thinking. They are thinking about the next big site or thing to create that society takes a hold of and makes them money.

I’m not going sit here and teach you every way that they make money online because there are to many out there and making money online is not a “get rich over night type thing”. You really have to put in work. I’m talking about typing paragraph after paragraph about this and that, searching for pictures that reiterate what your article is about and etc. I’m just finishing this post up at 1 in the morning but I’m making money. The list goes on and on but believe me it’s worth it. Just know that the internet can be used for more than a reality escape. Put your heart in it and you can take a vacation from your present reality and go to another because if your making $5,000 a month off the internet from home… Your going to love your reality and couldn’t wait to get back to it….. if your hearts in it of course. So tell me; Are you the spider or the fly?

As much as I would love to schedule a 1 on 1 and teach you what I know about making money online, I simply don’t have the time right now but maybe one day I’ll put together some small free course that will give you the basics. Until then, your going to have to learn the way I did. Hold Bill Gates hostage and tell him to put me in the first page of Google. I stopped being the fly and did some research. Now I feel as if I run the web. If you think your ready to run the web like me, Click Here! Unlike me, there are people who have mastered the web and can teach you like I was taught. Have fun and I take it that you have signed up for my blog already right?

“Today I begin a new life; Everybody moving is making money. It’s all about commerce, and if the world is divided between buyers and sellers, I’m gonna be a seller.” ~Baby Boy (Tyrese)