Information Technology Within the World Wide Web

Information technology has always been here, assisting mankind in some way or the other. It is only with the development of technologies that this has been able to change form and shape, along with methods of delivery. The basic idea remains the same – be able to share and reap benefits from the knowledge acquired.

The seers have done this in the past, then came, the tablets and later the books revolutionized the scenario. With advent of ink and paper, minds and creativity achieved new and unclaimed heights. Artists, writers and host of other professionals monopolized on literature, which only belonged to the elite at one time.

Societies around the world have grown, at different paces, but almost in the same fashion and direction throughout the globe. In the beginnings knowledge was only the property of the selected few, and never commonly shared as we do now. Science has been a great promoter of equality, throughout time, and effectively serving us without any bias.

Printing Technology – the First Revolution

Knowledge and literature were hereby commonly made available for the common man, at a chosen price. Printing technology simplified technology for mass circulations and distribution was made manageable albeit a slow pace. Man was thrilled to find his ideas and thoughts in print and benefiting scores of people who could read and write.

Ideas and thoughts were now gaining solid ground, and this prompted the human minds to open up, and to go on, and on. Man has grown bolder and clearer by the day, and almost stands at the pinnacle from where he is most effectively able to share and communicate whatever he has got. With help from the existing and developing technologies, he is able to clearly express himself, as best as his idea or thought.

Media and Communications

We only got better as we grew. Mass media and telecommunications have only enhanced our capacities for mass distribution methods. From the concepts of the electrical world, we outgrew into the electronic environment. Electronics not only enhanced our capacities for distribution, but have also immensely helped us give clearer pictures to our ideas and improved paths.

Communications during the fag end of the last century specialized and perfected the art, effectively delivering content to the remotest corner of this earth. All barriers and challenges were overcome by the enthusiasm generated by the electronic media and industry as such. Communications peaked during this period into a mature and user friendly environment.

The Magic of the World Wide Web

This magic has been able to weave the web, correlating it with the information technology, so effectively that putting it on the internet is like speaking to the entire world. You never can know and realize how far and how soon you are able to get heard by the people who are using the internet.

Information technology has been able to effectively create a concrete platform in the shape of the World Wide Web, and which is proving to become the biggest database ever known to man. It is like a huge human mind acquiring potency, and being able to relate to the entire mankind.

We can come useful here as a human, and put in our bit so as to fulfill, and try to repay this world, for all that this world has been able to give us. Thank God for giving us a chance.

Accessibility of Dating Websites World Wide

There are many dating websites that are available in the Internet today. The Internet has allowed many such dating websites to sprout from all over the world for online dating opportunities to happen between two interested parties. Although technically any one from anywhere in the world can join any dating websites from any country, it is recommended that one joins the site that is available in one’s own country. There may be the same organization’s branches in various countries which give the benefit of larger databases but accessibility of all the branches’ databases will depend on the dating websites’ policy.


When dating websites offer more than one accessibility through their various subsidiaries, that can be a possible advantage where more candidates as potential dates can be searched and matched if the dating organization allows an ‘across the board’ search over its various subsidiaries’ databases. There are many web users who do prefer candidates of different race, culture and background. A lot of international candidates are preferred by many consumers today to get a better feel of the different culture and languages in the world.


More web users prefer to date international candidates online today as the Internet platform bridges the distance between them. One can be at one part of the world and another on the other side of the world and yet, they can be interacting easily on the Internet through these dating websites. It is like having a pen pal but online with the usage of technology where the interactions can be instant or online with emails, videos, online chats, instant messaging or Skype facilitates. Members of international dating websites can gain a lot more experience, knowledge and other benefits ‘dating’ international candidates than those from their own kind.

Membership payment

Different countries’ dating organizations will have different membership criteria and payments even though they may be under the same organization world wide. The membership policies may be similar but the membership payment is usually in the local currency of that country. Hence, if a non-citizen wishes to join the dating website of another country, it may be possible if the organization’s policy allows it but payment would be in the local currency. Every member of any dating website from any country is subject to that particular d. website’s rules and regulations.


One must be careful if a global membership is desired; however, one can remember that there may be a possible time difference with different location online and candidates. Hence, the international members must be aware of the availability of the other party due to the time difference unless prior arrangements are made to interact at an agreed time. Emails and texting approaches may be available with international interaction besides the online chats, forums, instant messaging and Skype methods of online dating.

Brain Cancer Cases on the Rise World Wide

Most people don’t know a lot about brain cancer, although I am sure everyone will admit they don’t want anything to do with it. Unfortunately, brain cancers are on the rise world-wide and there are many reasons for this. It is a very serious problem and challenge for the future of humanity – not only for the inflicted but also due to the severe challenges it causes with health-care costs and family issues.

Did you know in places like Japan and other Asian nations that brain cancers are severely on the rise? It’s true. But this is not the only place where there are problems, problems which are getting worse. Indeed, I’d like to take this opportunity to get you to think about brain cancers, and some of the causes and what we can all do to help. Let’s talk about this topic, one which no one really wants to discuss.

In Asian countries the populations have always eaten lots of fish, but due to pollution in the oceans, the fish have plastics inside of them, and toxins like mercury for instance. This is causing a terrible problem and this is why brain cancers are way up in these nations. Although there is a lot of data in Japan on this, other nations have been slow to notice the rise or attribute it to the pollution problem – worse, the very nations which do the most polluting, don’t even realize it’s killing their population and causing cancer.

And, it’s not just in Asia, the Pacific Islanders and Polynesians never had a problem with cancers of the brain, but now they do. Indeed, much of the fish bought, sold, and shipped world-wide comes from polluted oceans, meaning they are not alone by any means, it’s something very serious for US populations too.

We need the Omega 3 in our diets, but the toxic fish seem to be part of that trade off, one we really can’t afford at all. Still, even without the problem with the fish there is yet, an even more serious issue which needs to be addressed. Can you guess what that is?

If you guessed “frequency pollution” you guessed right. Our cell phones although low-wattage are a contributor to brain cancers show Swiss Studies and Research. Unfortunately, the public is ill-informed on this. Luckily the wattage of current cell-phone technology is a lot less than it was, which is a start and that helps tremendously.

However, what about all the WiFi systems, and mobile electronics these days? Yes, all potential contributors, and just these two reasons alone are why we will continue to see more brain cancers in the future. I hope you will please consider all this and do your own research to verify what I’ve said here today.