Collect and Discover a World Wide Craze With Trollbeads Beaded Jewellery

Trollbeads first started some thirty years ago and each unique bead has a story that may be based on some fairy tale, flower or mythology. The beads are made from various materials like silver, gold, glass or precious stones. The concept of placing various bead charms in jewellery was well-admired and with this trollbead collecting has reached the peak of its popularity.

As technology begun to unfold, different beads with various colours, sizes and shapes can now be easily created. Now, beads for all occasions are available and affordable. The bead designs somehow reflect the owner’s personality since the owner has the chance to come up with a unique design through mixing and matching the beads. The beads are made into bracelets and necklaces. Some may prefer to design their own set of beaded jewellery while others may want the ready and completed ones. You can purchase the beads or the completed items like bracelets from online stores like Thomas Sabo, Swarovski and Pandora.

If you are new to this world wide craze then you should discover the different types of beads and start your own bead collection someday.

– There are a wide variety of glass trollbeads that you can choose from. Before, the making of one glass bead is tricky because of the complexity of making designs unto a small piece of glass. However, today, there are a lot of glass beads available with varying colours and designs thanks to a more advanced technology that we have today.

– Gold beads come in various shapes, from animals to fairy tale characters. They also come in abstract designs and they go well with glass beads. You can actually create a story running through each bracelet or necklace with gold beads of different characters.

– Letter beads can make a more personal bead collection since letters in the alphabet are built into its design. Collectors can actually have their initials on the bracelet or necklace. This would make perfect gifts too because you can make the gift more personal and creative at the same time.

– Silver beads are just like gold beads because it can be designed into different characters as well as abstract ones. They would make great story lines too.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of beads, you can certainly start designing your first trollbead collection. You can opt for a bracelet or a necklace that has the charms and designs that suit your personality.