Advantages of EMail Marketing – World Wide Reach, Low Cost, Simplicity, Monitoring and Tracking

Businesses are now turning to eMail Marketing as their means of reaching potential customers. Other methods of marketing are slowly losing its attraction. What’s so good about eMail Marketing? What advantage does it offer to businesses over the other marketing methods?

1. World Wide Reach eMail Marketing, as the name implies, uses email as its medium of distribution. As you know, eMail is a medium with unlimited reach. You can basically send an email to people all over the world. The only limitation to it is that the recipient must have an email address. The recipient would of course require an internet connection to have access to email. So, no matter where the recipient is located geographically, as long as he has internet access and an email address, you can send him a marketing letter via email.

2. Relatively Low Cost Imagine sending out a marketing brochure out to 1000 addresses via postal mail. Let’s say it costs you say 10 cents per mail. 1000 mails would then cost you $100.00. Compare that to you sending out the same brochure, in a digital format, via eMail to 1000 email addresses. Make that 10,000 addresses.

The cost? Your monthly subscription rate your email marketing software provider charges you. This rate is fixed, no matter how many campaigns you have. No matter how many addresses you are sending out to.

So, relatively, the cost of eMail Marketing is very low as compared to traditional marketing methods.

3. Monitoring and Tracking With traditional marketing methods, you would have a hard time trying to figure out how successful any one of your marketing efforts is. eMail marketing, being in the digital world, offers you a way to monitor and track your marketing campaigns. You get statistical reports showing you graphs and tables of how any single marketing campaign performed. How many buyers, you ended up with, from each campaign.

These reports allow you to tune your campaigns and discover what went wrong with any non performing campaigns. You have the option to drop a non performing campaign or further tune them to make it more profitable.

4. Simplicity Technology today has made eMail Marketing very simple. You are now able to configure and set up a marketing campaign, schedule it and run it within a few minutes. Once everything is all set up and configured, you just sit back and relax. Everything is automated by the system. You don’t have to be sitting in front of your computer to see it run.